Why Parachuting is just Crazy

I've sat on the sidelines while watching Donnie and Matt duke it out about being a "Leg Ranger", or "Airborne Ranger"...and frankly, I have to say that I'm on Donnie's side....jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft is just nuts...I have two uncles who were Airborne...and both of them are complete lunatics...one was 173rd AND 82nd...and the other was just in the 82nd....

One of my first blog entries..back on blogspot....was about taking my darling wife to an airshow and riding with her during her first helicopter

ride...after we landed, the FIRST thing she said was...:I wanna go SKYDIVING!!!"...now, ...you can imagine my horror...sure, if she wants to do it, I'll knuckle down and do it with her....but, it is NOT one of my "things I wanna do before I die"....anyway, I just read THIS POST, and that pretty much freaks me out about jumping out of a moving plane....no freaking THANK you....

The murder of Stephen Hilder during a routine skydive, on Friday 4 July, remains a disturbing mystery. We know how he was killed, we know when, and there are a limited number of suspects. After three months, however, police have not identified his killer. What we know is that on that July day at the Hibaldstow Parachute Centre, north Lincolnshire, the trust that exists between British skydivers was broken for the first time. Since the murder, people have closed ranks, mistrust of the media following close behind the general unease.

Note to Goblins...if you are gonna kill me...just shoot me, stab me, or take my OWN pistol off of me, and pistol whip me to death....but....do NOT mess around with my parachute....you can go ahead and kill me, but dicking with my chute is just MEAN....dang....

by Eric on October 26, 2003 | Comments(5) | Military Stuff
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I think it breaks the monotony.

Jumping, that is.

posted by: Danger Close on October 27, 2003 12:54 AM

you may be right, but I can't imagine EVER getting that bored...

posted by: Eric on October 27, 2003 06:38 AM

I posted a response at blackfive.net.

posted by: Blackfive on October 27, 2003 10:40 AM

Thanks Blackfive...most of the Jarheads that I worked with were the same - highly motivated, truly dedicated, rough, tough, can't get enough,...and I know that if I was told to jump from a plane, I would....but,..I don't think I'd enjoy it very much....I guess I'll never know until I try it, eh? so, I'm booking the skydive for the spring..

posted by: Eric on October 27, 2003 10:50 AM

I was in Special Forces for 8 years and routinely jumped from "perfectly good" aircraft.

You are right, you have to be crazy, but that's what separates us from the regular Legs.

posted by: Doc on October 27, 2003 12:46 PM