People Are So Stupid

....seriously....I don't even have to try to LOOK for these stories...they are EVERYWHERE....hell, you can't miss'em....I'll bet that if you tried to find a story in your local newspaper where people were acting NORMAL, you'd be pretty hard pressed to find one....why is that?....well, it's because the VAST MAJORITY of people are totally nuts....and should either be shot, hung, or otherwise done away is another PRIME EXAMPLE....

According to court records, a Bryan police officer was flagged down at about 5:45 p.m. Monday by a motorist who said a naked man tried to jump into his truck. The officer reported the incident and was told by a dispatcher that several calls had come in from witnesses who said the man stole a pickup and rammed it into a house and vehicle on 21st Street.

Witnesses told police the man jumped out of the wrecked truck, removed his clothes and ran off. Lewis’ wallet and identification were found inside a pair of pants in the vehicle that hit the home, records state.

Officers later found a man on North Reed Avenue who was sitting in an electric wheelchair and appeared to have only a blanket covering himself, documents state. Lewis gave the officers a fake name, police said, which he had trouble spelling it.

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