Now THIS is a Post...

...hey...what can I say?...WOW...I think I need a cold shower now....DANG!!

Now, I had it pictured in my head, all womanly softness, wet lips, and moaning. What I got was more of a dog and pony show. Some kissing (she was terrible), some breast action (she was mad for it), and then some muff diving.

And that was interesting.

She tasted like melon, or like something hot and sweet and unmovable. I really dug the taste of it. She was completely shaved, and her clitoris was actually hard to find. She made odd squeaky nosies, either due to my performance or the hotness of the situation, I am not sure which and either are equally complimentary. I went at her for a while more out of curiosity than any skill, and it is safe to say that she did the same for me-she went at me more like a dog lapping up a dollop of ice cream on the floor than any kind of deep, intensive orgasmic moment.

MANY thanks to The Bartender for pointing me in the direction of this hot little blog....*whew*!

by Eric on October 27, 2003 | Comments(2) | Psycho Rants

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That was pretty interesting. I, myself, have never even thought of using shapes. I suppose it would be a nice surprise for my significant other.

posted by: BS on October 27, 2003 12:57 PM

Helen is one HOT BABE. Her blog is like that every fucking day1 I have to take a cold shower every morning after reading it!

posted by: The Bartender on October 30, 2003 10:06 PM