Iraq = Vietnam??

For those of you who are SICK and TIRED of every Liberal you talk to spouting "THIS IS JUST ANOTHER VIETNAM!!" whilst foaming at the mouth and generally acting stupid...there is a HELLUVA comparison of the two conflicts over at Silent Running...

As for the second similarity - well, that has been rather explosive and short lived so far in this latest outburst, but the basic strategy is there. Latest is the apparent attempt over the past 48 hours by the die hard Ba'athists and radical foreign Islamists to create a Tet style atmosphere at the beginning of Ramadan. Festivities in time for the holidays. Who says these guys don't have a touch of Martha in them!

Yesterday saw the attack of the Al Rashid - a significant and symbolic US associated facility, and today the wave of bombings throughout the country. Not unlike the offensive mounted by the Vietnamese - with the exception that the dead-enders do not have the resources or capabilities to actually replicate one of the key elements of Tet - the ground forces capture of the city of Hue, a provincial capital.

The Ba'athists and Islamists don't have the capability to incite that level of mayhem. It is also useful to keep in mind that militarily, the Tet offensive was an unmitigated battlefield disaster for the Vietnamese, simply because it caused them to place so many of their well hidden forces into plain view that the pummeling they took probably set them back to before square one in their attempt to conquer the South via force.

So, the next time one of those Liberal weenie friends of yours says how we are about to have our asses handed to us by the VC in desert dress, just tell them to be quiet..and if the persist, smack them HARD with the nearest cluebat..

by Eric on October 27, 2003 | Comments(0) | Military Stuff

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