What WILL they think of next?....I mean, isn't karaoke bad enough already?..listening to some drunk, nasal-voiced, weenie screech through the latest Celine Dion song isn't MY idea of a good time, but I can ASSURE you that it happens somewhere on a daily basis...and now, what have the Germans come up with?? guessed it....XXX Porno Karaoke...I mean, at least it would be FUNNY, right?....but what kind of psychos would get on front of other people....and make rumpy-pumpy noises into a karaoke machine...people just constantly amaze me...they really do...

GERMANS are screaming, moaning, and panting for the latest nightlife craze: porno karaoke.

Film producers Satt und Durstig organised a premiere in Berlin last month after a successful test run in the northern city of Hamburg, and the trend has already spawned imitators in other major cities.

Porno karaoke is similar to traditional karaoke - but, instead of standing in for Whitney Houston or Frank Sinatra, contestants belt out the soundtracks of adult movie stars.

by Eric on October 28, 2003 | Comments(1) | Psycho Rants

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Pornaoke has indeed caught on! ...and in the States! crowds are letting go of all inhibitions and attachments to good taste.. Philly has spawned a monster.

posted by: Delicious on January 24, 2004 02:18 PM