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It seems that kids are getting a bit too fussy about eating healthy....and they don't want to drink their milk...Actually, I can't really blame them...I mean, if you stop and think about where milk comes from, it is pretty disgusting...but, I love milk anyway...anyway, if we have to put CAFFEINE in milk to lure the children into drinking it....I can't WAIT for the strawberry flavored spinach...OH YEAH....go HERE for the rest...

How do you get teens to crave milk? Load it with caffeine.

Hyper Cow, a new brand from Maplewood-based milk producer Schroeder Co., wins the dubious distinction of being the first caffeinated milk beverage.

Available starting Saturday, it will be sold exclusively for the next few months at Super America. It comes in three flavors: Straight Up Strawberry, Chocolate Shock and Mean Mocha Cappuccino. There is as much caffeine and sugar as in a can of regular Coke and a lot more calories approximately 400 per 16-ounce bottle. But the main ingredient is 2 percent milk.

by Eric on November 05, 2003 | Comments(0) | Psycho Rants
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