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This morning, while I was on my way to work at 0620, I ran over a deer...well, I didn't actually run OVER it....sorta just body-checked it with my Audi...the dumbass just stood there in the other lane watching me come towards it until I got right beside it...I had slowed down, of course...and then it ran straight into the side of my car...

I couldn’t see it after I passed it...it was still too dark out...but, when I got to work and checked out my car, I had deer snot and slobber all over my driver's side window...no blood, though, which was good....so, I guess she just ran off into the woods and counted her blessings...in any case, I learned that deer are really dumb...at least, until you try to hunt them...

I read a lot of blogs, and a lot of people are going through a lot of weird stuff right now...so, I just thought I'd tell you people some of MY problems....Deer want to commit suicide in my presence...THIS time, it didn't work...but if she'd busted a headlight, I'd have chased her down and capped her with my 9...

by Eric on November 05, 2003 | Comments(4) | Psycho Rants
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Christ, she could have at least had the decency to DIE, dammit, we could have fixed up some Venison jerky.

I'll probably sit in a friggin' deer stand all weekend, and not even smell a deer, and Eric the Red has them sacrificing themselves to him.


posted by: Donnie on November 5, 2003 06:34 PM

I had a stag jump on my Tracker back in '90.
Tin can that it was, it was bruised up down the whole length of the passenger side. He got up and ran off !

posted by: siso on November 5, 2003 06:38 PM

Yeah, I know....don't you worry though...there will be PLENTY of jerky this year...we've got deer jumping all over the damn place up here...

I was envisioning the thousands I'd have to pay to get my car fixed all the way to work...thankfully, there was only snot, slobber, and a few deer hairs....no dents or scratches...whew...I AND that doe were lucky...

posted by: Eric on November 5, 2003 06:41 PM

I'm drooling. Just Damn!

posted by: Dax Montana on November 6, 2003 02:03 AM