A Veteran's Story..

A wonderful tale of a East Tennessee Veteran is currently up over at South Knox Bubba's site.....Give it a read if you get a chance....it is long, but so are most people's stories...and it is worth the effort...

"We struck out across the ocean heading for North Africa. It took us about 21 or 22 days to cross. I never saw such a storm in my life. There were waves that were twice as high as the ship. Lots of time when you got in the trough of that wave, you couldn't see the ship next to you, which was usually no more than 50 yards away.

They kept that convoy real close and the German U-Boats had been sinking a lot of ships from those convoys going over. So naturally, we were concerned about that. We took a lot of safety or evacuation drills. Of course, if you had dropped off into that sea, as rough as some of those 30 foot high waves were, if you had dropped out into that, there would be no way you'd ever survive because it was cold as the dickens. You might as well have just gone down with the ship but didn't have enough sense to know the difference. "

Go HERE for the rest...

by Eric on November 11, 2003 | Comments(0) | Military Stuff
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