Madfish Willie..

The Bartender over at Madfish Willie's Cyber a complete and utter dickweed...As a member of the "Corner of the Bar Gang", I have to tell ya...Madfish Willie's is a great place to go to kick back, have a few pints, talk a little politics with Lord Spatual, re-tell some old war stories with Blackfive, listen to Harvey tell some great jokes, watching The Emperor thrash some hippie, seeing FrankJ nervously look around the bar looking for Ninja Monkeys, and just generally give The Bartender living hell for serving watered down Scotch and warm beer...

As Jimmy Buffet once said..."warm beer and bread they said could raise the dead, but it reminds me of the menu at Madfish Willies"...or something like that...

Anyway, I have been informed by The Bartender that I have, in the words of Kim DuToit, been, just to prove that it is NOT true, go over and read THIS story...hell, if I'm man enough to take on Blackfive AND Finn The Viking, then calling me a pussy is the LAST thing you want to do...especially if I've been drinking...

So, Bartender, get me a Scotch and water...with MORE Scotch than water in it this time, you cheap bastard, and put it on YOUR tab....oh, and I ain't turnin' on my HTML thinggy in the comments section sneaky dickweed, I KNOW you'd spam'em all to hell...besides, I couldn't figure out how to do it WHERE'S MY DRINK??

by Eric on November 12, 2003 | Comments(6) | Jokes

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Maybe he needs a good "Ball Spanking?"

posted by: Dax Montana on November 12, 2003 06:58 PM

Just DAMN!, Dax...cut to the BONE...anyway, when are you coming up to kill this damn pesky deer in my back yard?

posted by: Eric on November 12, 2003 07:18 PM

Quit fartin... you goofy bastard... and I never water down the drinks... dickweed... how did you like my mimic of your writing style?

posted by: The Bartender on November 12, 2003 07:47 PM

holy SHIT....I have a writing style?!?!...pretty good mimic, I guess...IF I have a style...

Isn't it FUN to type all those "...."...

posted by: Eric on November 12, 2003 07:52 PM

You drinnk Bowmore, then?

Yup-you truly are a quality guy. Bowmore...good stuff, man!

posted by: Helen on November 13, 2003 03:13 AM

Yep, Helen, Bowmore is my fav....oh, and thanks for the "quality guy" remark!

posted by: Eric on November 13, 2003 06:42 AM