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Colleges are continuing to come up with more and more ways of getting funding...I find it pretty shocking to see the budgets that some of the larger universities have for their athletic departments....I mean, you could run a small South American country with the amount of money that UT spends on Football alone....but THIS is a novel idea to raise money...and I LIKE it....

In the $3 billion college-logo retail market, there's growing demand for "rivalry merchandise" in which two schools allow their trademarks to appear on the same item, even if one team is being throttled, humiliated or labeled as a loser. The schools share revenue and say the products highlight the traditions of their rivalries. But getting merchandise to market can be a convoluted process as universities struggle to reconcile the lure of commerce with the boundaries of taste.

heh...and this too....

"It's not acceptable to go up to your rival and say, 'Go to hell!' So you do it with a clever shirt," says Trevor Livesay, a 32-year-old Montana State graduate. Mr. Livesay's favorite is the unlicensed shirt he bought from Rival Rags, Spokane, Wash. It pokes fun at the University of Montana's Grizzly mascot while alluding to something bears do in the woods."

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