The "Ghost" of Joey

I guess you gotta be a pretty big man to beat, punch, kick, and throw around a 50 pound little boy, right?...THIS scumbag turns my stomach....and any Mother who'll let shit like that happen to her kid? WTF....The jist of this article seems to ask if the prosecutor was asking for undue "sympathy" from the jury by speaking to the court as if she was "the ghost of Joey"....sympathy?..from the COURT?...that piece of shit deserves no sympathy...He deserves to be beaten within an inch of HIS life every day for a few months, and then, after HE learns the true meaning of fear, electrocute his ass..

"Hi, I'm Joey. I'm 8, and I'm scared," Assistant State Attorney Nita Denton said as she impersonated the child during closing arguments of Dial's child-abuse murder trial.


Over defense objections that the prosecutor was improperly eliciting sympathy from jurors, Circuit Judge Robert Makemson allowed Denton to continue her arguments "through the eyes and ears" of the boy, who was found dead in bed June 26, 2000.

You can read the whole story right the way, notice that the kid was BEATEN to DEATH in 2000...and justice is JUST NOW starting to be handed out...

by Eric on November 18, 2003 | Comments(2) | Psycho Rants

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Wow. Team Dial? What a f*$#ed mess.

posted by: gooseneck on November 18, 2003 04:54 PM

Another example of our sorry (liberal) criminal justice system. The murders and rapists somehow become the victims - what a load of horseshit.

posted by: suzi on November 19, 2003 02:03 AM