I Love This Bar...

Dana over at Note It Posts, the purtiest blogger around, has linked both the COTBB AND the COTBG in a linkfest like no other....oh, and that is "Babes" and "Gang" for those of you uninitiated drinkers out there...the Corner of The Bar, baby....the best place around to get your cyber shots and slammers...and check out a few "long, cool drinks of water"...drop by...and check out the Champaign Room.....heh...tell Willie I sent ya...

by Eric on November 18, 2003 | Comments(2) | Psycho Rants

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That was a greatest fucking job of linky love in history! My damn link rating at the Ecosystem will jump about 20 points tomoorrow! It will be hard to top that!

posted by: The Bartender on November 18, 2003 06:47 PM

Ahhhh, Glasshoppa....man does not live by the Ecosystem alone....hehehehe

posted by: Eric on November 18, 2003 06:57 PM