Dinner Tonight...

Well, my friend Billy is coming over tonight, and bringing his lovely girlfriend Kathy....So, the Wife has made the salad, and I have made my world-famous Spaghetti Bolognaise....there shall be much drinking, guitar playing, drinking, and laughter....the bolognaise sauce has been cooking since 1 this afternoon...it is now 5...it needs time for all of the ingredients to open up and get to know each other...

..Anyway, as an aside, I taught myself my FIRST love song last week...I've been playing guitar for almost 16 years, and this will be the FIRST public singing of a love song by yours truly...it's called "If I Should Fall Behind"...and I've only ever heard Bruce Springsteen sing it.....I ain't that good....but I make up in enthusiasm what I lack in talent...anyway...gotta go and start the garlic bread....y'all have a good night....

If you want the lyrics, go right ahead...oh, and if you don't know the song, HERE IT IS....

We said we'd walk together baby come what may
That come the twilight should we lose our way
If as we're walkin a hand should slip free
I'll wait for you
And should I fall behind
Wait for me

We swore we'd travel darlin' side by side
We'd help each other stay in stride
But each lover's steps fall so differently
But I'll wait for you
And if I should fall behind
Wait for me

Now everyone dreams of a love lasting and true
But you and I know what this world can do
So let's make our steps clear that the other may see
And I'll wait for you
If I should fall behind
Wait for me

Now there's a beautiful river in the valley ahead
There 'neath the oak's bough soon we will be wed
Should we lose each other in the shadow of the evening trees
I'll wait for you
And should I fall behind
Wait for me
Darlin' I'll wait for you
Should I fall behind
Wait for me

by Eric on November 22, 2003 | Comments(0) | Psycho Rants

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