In the Limelight at last..

It seems that just MAYBE there is an upside to this whole "Paris Hilton" fizzle....Porn is suddenly...quietly....becoming an acceptable subject for educated conversation...hmmm...

"Intelligent writing about porn will always find an audience - but I think we've been helped along by certain factors," says d'Addario - including "the increasing acceptance of porn as a topic of mainstream conversation".

Even the conventional press is in agreement. "Fleshbot might best be described as an erudite pornography site," wrote the New York Times, "with the same kind of catty writing and timely links that have made Gawker a must-read for New York's gossip crowd."

"Catty writing"?....I'm not quite sure...but I think I like that phrase...

by Eric on November 29, 2003 | Comments(0) | Psycho Rants

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