OK..so, I admit it....

I'm here, once again, listening to music..I love hearing it.....ten points and a batch of homemade Macaroon Cookies goes out to the person that can name this tune..guessing closes by daybreak, EST.

"If dreams were thunder..
and lightining was desire..
this ole house woulda burnt down
a long time ago"...

just kidding on the cookies....unless you send me your address...then, I will..after all, I'll be hosting Luuk before you know it.....I can't wait to get the little guy's photo made on the "Southern Belle" in Chattanooga....anyway.....Helen is back...and I mean BACK...

by Eric on December 01, 2003 | Comments(4) | Psycho Rants

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Oh, come on,

_Angel from Montgomery_

Bonnie Raitt did a nice version, though I prefer Susan Tedesci's...

posted by: Leo on December 2, 2003 03:49 AM

Could it be John Prine.

Of course, I cheated. http://www.gutrumbles.com/archives/003440.php


posted by: Tom on December 2, 2003 06:15 PM

"There's flies in the kitchen
I can here 'em in there buzzin'
And I ain't done nothin'
Since I woke up today."

Too easy, Eric. That's my goddam theme song these days.

posted by: Acidman on December 3, 2003 06:31 AM

Yeah guys....right now, the verse that runs in my mind is..

"How the hell can a person
go to work in the morning..
and come home in the evening..
and have nothing to say?..."

what a great song...

posted by: Eric on December 3, 2003 06:43 AM