I'm Curious...

....ok...THIS story gives you just enough information get you interested....and then leaves you with nothing but questions....like....why was this guy running?...just don't get it...

"BEIJING: A stark naked man ran the streets of northeast China's freezing Changchun city for five hours before being taken in for a dressing down at the police station, state media reported on Tuesday.

The runner impressed onlookers not just by enduring sub-zero temperatures so well, but also by being fit enough to run barefoot around the city for most of Monday morning, the Beijing Morning Post said.

When he finally stopped it was not out of exhaustion, but because a police patrol made him, wrapping him in a coat and taking him to the nearest station, according to the paper.

The man is being held at a mental hospital."

by Eric on December 02, 2003 | Comments(1) | Psycho Rants

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This shows you to what extremes the impulse to freedom is driven in a totalitarian society. The guy may be "nuts" in some ways, but not near as insane as the authoritarian culture he lives in.


posted by: werbinox on December 2, 2003 11:59 PM