The Onion does it Again..

....Antebellum Island....

"In casting the show, we looked for people who displayed adaptability, good judgment, and impeccable hospitality," Davies said. "But we wanted to let the contestants' personalities shape the show. We didn't just look to fill the typical slots: plantation owner, houseboy, carpetbagger, and Uncle Tom."

Executives were reluctant to reveal the themes for Antebellum's weekly competitions, but said contests might include skeet shooting, quilting bees, formal-dress cotillions, and working at a textile factory on the west side of the island for the entire show's duration with no chance at the $1 million prize."

by Eric on December 03, 2003 | Comments(1) | Psycho Rants

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I LOVE IT!! Acidman should enter and get the mil for his retirement!

posted by: Indigo on December 3, 2003 06:45 PM