A Smile

I was just over HERE, and I read his post about smiling....a good one, I think...so, in the spirit of stealing ideas from other people's blogs, here is MY slant on a smile...

I think he is absolutely right...a bright smile can light up an entire room...a sparkling smile can make someone's entire DAY....SOME smiles can make you feel a little funny in the pants...and SOME smiles can last you a lifetime......a genuine grin can mean a lot of things...hell, a smile can mean just about anything...but, it ALWAYS means that you are being thought about..either in a bad way, or a good way, you are on someone's mind......it could be the old, "I'd love to get you in a dark room with a straight razor and a roll of duct tape...OR, it could mean, I'd just like to get you in a dark room...

Sorry, where was I?...oh yeah...I have been accused of not smiling a lot...I think that mainly it is because as I am walking around, I'm thinking of the next task in front of me, and not just day-trippin' like a lot of people do..you know the ones....the ones who smile, and say "HEY! Howyadoin!?" to everybody they meet? Well, I don't do that very often...I speak to people when I make eye contact, but other than that, if I am looking at the ground and scowling, then it probably isn't a good idea to try to cheer me up..I'm not doing that because I'm in a foul mood, or having a bad day, I'm doing that because I am FOCUSED...I'm in the ZONE, people...so, don't break my concentration by saying "hello", and flashing a false smile...

On the OTHER hand, to give the Devil his due, I have met only two people in my entire life that could wipe me out with their smile...and, I mean WIPE me OUT...a smile, that when flashed, can melt you...y'all know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.....now, children...if you EVER get a smile like THAT, you will never forget it as long as you live.....I'm not talking about a sexy smile....or a jokey smile...or even a naughty smile....I'm talking about a smile that is a window to a soul laid bare....a REAL smile...unapologetic....unassuming...unstaged....unREAL.....if you are ever fortunate enough to see one of those...you can count yourself among the fortunate of this world....I've seen it twice....and I married one of them...so...smile more often...and MEAN it....you never know what an effect it might have on someone...

by Eric on December 03, 2003 | Comments(4) | SWG Stories

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I smile all the time, whether it's a function of being ditzy or just not paying attention, I don't know.

And BTW, I voted for your logo. Nice.

posted by: Helen on December 4, 2003 04:30 AM

Thanks Helen! I think my logo is in the lead!

posted by: Eric on December 4, 2003 06:41 AM

I force myself to smile a lot, and it can be learned. If I don't smile, I scare people. Really.

The funny thing is that I am incapable -- physically -- of smiling with the corners of my mouth turning up. I've read that is a sign of high-testosterone levels. All I know is that I absolutely can't get the corners of my mouth to point up. You can tell I'm smiling by my cheeks and eyes -- you just can't take my mouth out of context and tell.

posted by: Phelps on December 4, 2003 01:47 PM

I was happy in high school, not in any click, just happy, finally enjoying not being the tallest in my class (female), etc.

I would look people in the eye with a smile when I passed them moving from class to class. I remember purposely smiling when I made eye contact going up and down the crowded stairs. By the end of the year, there were a lot of returned smiles, instead of blank looks. I never knew who the other students were, but we "knew" each other by the end of the year, because we smiled, together when we passed by each day.

posted by: Ms Anna on December 6, 2003 04:08 PM