HORRIBLE Joke of the Day

If I were you, I wouldn't even spend the time to read it...you've been warned.....Heh....

The foreman at the sawmill wasn't very eager to hire the blind man because of the obvious dangers and risks involved.

But the guy begged for a chance to work: "You'll see," he said. "Just put me downstream of the saw and I'll smell the type and length of the lumber and stack it accordingly."

So the foreman agreed to let him try out for the job.

The blind man positioned himself by the conveyor and signaled the foreman, who then sent down a twelve-foot piece of pine.

"Ah-hah!" said the man, breathing deeply, "pine, twelve-foot!" He then stacked it in place.

The foreman repeated the test with oak and redwood, fir and mahogany, and the guy didn't miss once.

Then, getting a sly look on his face, the foreman sent for the office secretary, old Mabel, and told her to hike up her skirt and ride down the conveyor belt.

Mabel, laying face-up, rode right past the perplexed blind man.

Sniffing furiously and looking very puzzled, he asked that the last piece of wood be sent through again.

The foreman complied, but not before telling Mabel, skirt still hiked, to turn over, butt-up.

Mabel, once again, rode right past the still perplexed blind man.

After a few moments of reflection, the blind man turned to the foreman with a triumphant smile: "I've got it!" he proclaimed.

"Well?" questioned the foreman.

"It's a five-foot shithouse door from a tuna boat!"

by Eric on December 04, 2003 | Comments(0) | Psycho Rants

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