Fly Me to the Moon...

Space...the Final Frontier....HA!...I have to admit it...I like Star Trek....The idea that we will eventually live in space fills my imagination.....I like the exploration aspect of NASA, and I like the idea of continual invention that is needed for space missions....and, you've got to admit that watching that space shuttle land, or seeing a live video feed from the International Space Station is just plain COOL...So, the President says he wants to have a permanently manned station on the Moon....the Chinese are planning on having a manned Moon mission in the next few years....and NOW, we get an ARTICLE about how we can nip out into space, grab a few chunks of a passing Comet, and bring them back to Earth!....that is truly awe exploration?...yep, I'm for it....

by Eric on December 05, 2003 | Comments(3) | Psycho Rants

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What we really need to do is open up space to commercialization.

If Ford or GM or hell even Microsoft had wanted to have a space station in orbit it would have already been replaced by a NEWER model by now, not barely assembled and functional as Freedom is now (the space station, in orbit, right now...).

What we really need is a new "Space Shuttle" program not a moon mission. We need a cheaper way to get payloads into space with human beings to assemble space craft/stations and whatnot. Once we got that part working then we can actually build a moon-rocket in orbit and eventually a Mars mission. Most of the energy spent by Apollo was getting into orbit.

Hell why not make a space "plane" that can take off from some AFB, go into orbit to refuel, go to the moon (maybe even land) and come back and land on a runway. THAT is what we should focus on - not multi-stage throw away rockets - how 60's.

Ironically it has been so long since we went to the moon that all of the engineering is functionally obsolete; my iPod has more processing power by several orders of magnitude compared to the Apollo flight computer(s).

We know how to get into space, but we have nearly forgotten how to get to the moon (and some people believe we NEVER went to the moon to begin with).

posted by: Neo on December 5, 2003 04:19 PM

Neo: Thanks for the comment. I think the idea of a space "plane", or a better version of the Shuttle are already being designed. I know that we will eventuall colonize Mars, but getting a permanent presence on the Moon would be a good trial run for later Mars missions. As for the commercializing space, I agree that we'd have a lot better space station in orbit now than Freedom if we'd turned it entirely to Microsoft or Boeing, but the idea of it being owned solely by a corporation scares me just a little..

I was at a technology seminar at the Department of Trade and Industry once in London, hosted by British Telecom, and the Head of BT's Technology Division told us that the days when our Domain names end in .earth and .mars are not too far off...I can't WAIT..

posted by: Eric on December 5, 2003 04:38 PM

I fully agree with opening up space to commercialization. When they eventually see how much money can be made with space ventures, there will be no stopping it! One of my goals (for the human race in general) is to begin the colonization of other planets. Then we will see a new Age of Adventure such has never existed before, new heroes, new experimental colonies, new brands of pirates and attemtpors, new barbarians and conquerors. YES!


posted by: werbinox on December 6, 2003 01:34 AM