Well, I WAS going to put up the tree...but, the wife is still in bed and doesn't seem quite ready to get up guess putting up the tree will have to wait till after biggie...I wasn't really that enthusiastic about spending three hours decorating it anyway...what I AM enthusiastic about, is making my customary liquid Christmas Cheer..Mulled Wine...I plan on making some for sipping tonight...if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend's pretty easy...and it takes the edge off of decorating the tree....

750ml of red wine..
35ml of brandy
300ml of water
1 sliced orange
3tblsp of sugar
1/2 sliced lemon
1/4tblsp of cinnamon
6 crushed cloves
1tblsp of nutmeg

...bring this concoction to the boil, reduce heat, and stir for 10 minutes....serve it hot in mugs...good stuff....

by Eric on December 06, 2003 | Comments(7) | Psycho Rants
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Comments so far:

Shhh, don't say "tree" too loudly. She'll make me brave the storm to go get one.

posted by: Geoffrey on December 6, 2003 01:31 PM

Damn, that sounds GREAT.

posted by: Parkway Rest Stop on December 6, 2003 02:39 PM

Sounds like Gluwein.

posted by: Juliette on December 6, 2003 03:16 PM

That sounds great.

Are you going to serve it when you have all the Georgia bloggers over on Friday?

posted by: Key on December 6, 2003 06:58 PM

Key: Which Friday would THAT be then? I'll need some time to prepare, you know...I doubt 750ml of wine would be enough for that crowd!! So, just let me know!!

posted by: Eric on December 6, 2003 07:37 PM

We just put ours up today. I drank a lot of Spaten Oktoberfest ( and still am) Spaten Optimator ( a Doppelbock) is my favourite beer, and the strongest one I have ever drank, but it is illegal in Georgia now (how fucking stupid, you can still get 151% rum!) so I rarely get to drink it now.


posted by: werbinox on December 7, 2003 12:53 AM

I don't know, man, it's your party!

We could do a Christmas theme this week, or wait a few and do a New Year's bash, or wait a few more and do a Valentine's/Black History month celebration...

Your call really.

posted by: Key on December 7, 2003 11:50 AM