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"My husband, not happy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring the
other day so he would be able to monitor my moods.

When I'm in a good mood, it turns green. When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a big friggin' red mark on his forehead.

Maybe next time he'll buy me a diamond !!!!"

by Eric on December 11, 2003 | Comments(3) | Jokes

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Buy a diamond, leave a black scorched hole in your pocket...

posted by: siso on December 11, 2003 06:57 PM

OMG...I have that very quote stuck on my refrigerator...lmao.

posted by: Stevie on December 12, 2003 02:23 AM

Amen, sister. Amen!

posted by: Helen on December 12, 2003 03:49 AM