Now THIS is FAST..

I figured somone would start cashing in on this..but DAMN, this is quick!

The Hero Builders have a series of figures including Hussein, George W Bush and a Tony Blair doll called Talking British Ally, for sale.

The 12-inch Saddam figure, with an Ace of Spades t-shirt costs $29.95 (18), plus packaging and postage.

The website also has an action figure of Saddam with a moustache, which can be fitted with S&M gear at an extra charge.

man, you just GOTTA love Capitalism....heh...

by Eric on December 16, 2003 | Comments(1) | Psycho Rants

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Last Christmas those talking George W Bush dolls ('scuse me: 'Action Figures') were going for 600. on eBay... I bought one straight from the company for 29.99.

posted by: pam on December 16, 2003 09:32 AM