Now THIS is a Cool Judge..

"Man cleared after calling policeman 'asshole'

A Norwegian man escaped punishment for calling a policeman an asshole after a court ruled the insult was coarse but not illegal.

Indre Sogn county court decided police officers should be able to deal with such abuse and acquitted the man.

The officer at the centre of the incident said the man terrorised him during a late night call to his home, reports Nettavisen.

The 42-year-old man reportedly told the officer: "I think you are an asshole. Have a nice evening."

The officer wanted the man sentenced because he said he engaged in "scary or annoying behaviour or other inconsiderate behaviour which violated another person's peace".

However the judge disagreed and cleared the defendant, saying: "It is publicly known that the description asshole has been used in public on a high political level without it having any legal consequences."

sorry....hehehe...I just thought it was funny....sounds like that cop IS an asshole idiot....

by Eric on December 26, 2003 | Comments(0) | Psycho Rants

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