Tom Waits...

I must admit to you all....that I was not a Tom Waits fan before, however....I'm starting to come around...I wouldn't exactly call myself a "fan" yet....but THIS SONG is pretty cool...I got the CD for Christmas, and listened to the first song on the album…politely thanked my Wife...and then threw the damned thing into the nearest pile of discarded holiday wrapping paper...hoping...for the off-chance that it would get mistakenly thrown out with the rubbish....this didn't happen...New Year's Eve, I noticed it sitting on the little table by the front door...under my car keys...with a post-it note attached....reading something to the effect of "Put this in your car, and listen to it, DAMMIT!" so reluctantly, I did as I was bid... I said...I still ain't a Tom Waits fan...but as I was listening to THIS SONG, I couldn't help but think of two of my blogbuddies....Parkway Reststop....and The Cheese Stands are gonna DIG this song...

...I kinda imagined when I first heard it...that it would be like something LeeAnn would post on her site....and a Tom Waits clouded vision, I pictured James diggin' on this groovy tune with his "Usual Suspects" at the local pub..

...of course...I might have this all wrong...if so...just listen to the song anyway, and forget all the crap I wrote above...oh, and before I forget...I was going to post the lyrics for you guys...but...I can't figure them out...and I can't find them on the listen to it 500 times, and memorize them, and sing along with Mr. Waits after that....

Update: ...the song lyrics get better near the end.....heh...

by Eric on January 05, 2004 | Comments(6) | SWG Stories
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" you an erection that wins the election...." Excellent! Tom Waits is definitely an acquired taste. I once jammed with a guy who shared a room with Tom Waits in L.A. when both were trying to make it in the music business out there. Tom Waits made it, and the guy I jammed with didn't (although he should have).

What always puzzled me about Tom Waits is how in Christ he got his first gig, given his (to be kind) lack of what commonly is accepted as a good voice. It is difficult to imagine how an audition in a saloon back then might have gone, where the owners always seemed to ask questions such as, "Do you do any Beatles?"

Of course, here in the Garden State, our all-time favorite Tom Waits song is "Jersey Girl," a tune that Mr. Springsteen made more than a few bucks with. I like Tom's version better.

What was the title of the CD? I want to buy one.

Tell Mrs. SWG, thanks for making you listen.

posted by: Parkway Rest Stop on January 5, 2004 09:01 PM

Holy crapatoly, I literally knew only of Tom Waits from his movie roles. Yeah, I knew he sang, but had never heard any of his work.
Here's where you can find the lyrics, btw:

posted by: LeeAnn on January 5, 2004 09:51 PM

Sweet-ass song, I was going to tell you where the lyrics where, but LeeAnn beat me to it lol.

posted by: Jaded Angel on January 5, 2004 11:34 PM

Eric, y'know I have actually been named The Ellipsis God by most of the folk I email with any regularity...but you have me beat cold. You have mad ellipsis skilz (or is that "skilzz"?). Whatever. I read you every day, but frequently can't think of any appropriately pithy comments to post. Not only is this post not pithy, it isn't about Tom Waits.

Need. One. More. Miller. Lite...

posted by: skh on January 5, 2004 11:42 PM

...heh...glad you guys liked it...Mr. Waits is very much an acquired taste..but, I thought this one was kinda cool...

thanks for your comments, everyone..

posted by: Eric on January 6, 2004 06:43 AM

James, it's on "Small Change." The title track will blow you away, too...

posted by: Jack Bog on January 8, 2004 01:48 AM