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This is being done so that I can get rid of my old blogspot page...so, don't gimme no lip...

I first saw this method of telling someone about yourself on Acidman's page...and later I saw that Dax Montana had also used something similar....so.....I'm gonna steal their idea and do this for MY page too...

Name: Eric
Nickname: Eric
Astrological sign: Libra
Age: 31
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195lbs
Occupation: MIS
Birthplace: Cleveland, Tennessee
Marital status: Married
How many children: ZERO, but my wife has two cats.
Do you drink (alcohol): YES, usually Scotch
Do you smoke: Yes
Favorite outdoor activities: Going Inside, looking at the moon, hiking, going to the range....
Favorite indoor activities: Playing guitar, Entertaining Friends, Shooting pool..
Favorite colors: Blue
Favorite type of music: Folk, oldies, and stuff from the 40s
Favorite musical groups/performers: James Taylor, Jim Croce, Nanci Griffith, Jimmy Buffet, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Warren Zevon, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cake
Favorite song at the moment: "Hostage O," by W. Zevon
What's in your home CD/Casette player right now: a homemade recording from a bar band in Scotland called "Grapefruit Matters"....Ally, if you read this, call me..
What's in you car CD/Casette player right now: I have a 6 CD changer....Warren Zevon - Life'll Kill Ya, Jimmy Buffett - Songs you Know by Heart, Rolling Stones - 40 Licks, Warren Zevon - Greatest Hits, Tommy Santelli - Songs Recorded at Rafferty's
Do you play an instrument: Yes. I finger-pick Guitar - badly
What kind of guitar do you play: acoustic custom Fender
Have you ever gone skinny-dipping: many, many times
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up: A Zooligist or Botanist, but at age 11 it changed to US Marine.
What would be your dream job now: Emperor of the Universe
Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Nope
Places you'd most like to visit: Spain, Northern Africa
Your first car: 1951 Mercury 4-Door...Black
Dream car: 1950 Mercury 2-Door Converible...Black
Car you Drive now: 2003 Audi A-4....Silver
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite holiday: Halloween
Favorite hobbies: playing guitar, writing, traveling, shooting
Favorite sport to play: Does shooting pool count?
Favorite sport to watch: Rugby Union, College Football
Least favorite sport to watch: Ice Skating
Most humiliating moment: My Mother was a beautician....she liked to practice new hair-do's...a 10 year old red-head has ENOUGH problems without having to go to elementary school with a perm...need I say more?
Do you have any siblings: One younger brother, Joshua
Do you get along with your parents: My father died of lung cancer in 2001. I got along great with him..he was one HELL of a Man...I get along great with my Mother.
Favorite place to chill: On my back deck in the evenings.
Favorite place to visit: My friend Matt's house in Alaska
What is your bad time of day: I dont have one.
What is your good time of day: Sunrise
Favorite flower/plant: Honeysuckle
Favorite subject in school: History
Least favorite subject in school: Math
Favorite authors: Anne Rice, Robert Service, Hemingway
Favorite book genre: History, Biography
Favorite book: "Rhymes of a Red Cross Man", by R. W. Service
Current book I'm reading: "Chesty" by LtCol Jon Hoffman
Favorite magazine: Military History, Smithsonian, Harpers
Favorite movie of all time: Jeremiah Johnson
Other favorite movies: The Usual Suspects, Battleground, Sands of Iwo Jima, Lonesome Dove, Casablanca, Kelly's Heroes, Parenthood, Evolution, The Princess Bride, Blazing Saddles...
Favorite actors/actresses: John Wayne, Morgan Freeman, Robert Redford, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall
Favorite cartoon character: Johnny Bravo, Elmer Fudd
Favorite food: Spaghetti..my own recipe...I LOVE it...
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Favorite alcoholic Drink: Scotch and Water...particularly the single malts from Islay - Bowmore, Laphroaig, Lagavullin, etc.. I lived in Scotland for 8 years and picked up the taste for it..now-a-days I drink blends...I'm a cheap bastard unless company is coming over..
What is your bedtime: 11:30 PM
Worst enemies: So far, I don't have any..
Interesting fact about your childhood: My cousin Dennis ran over me once with a 3-Wheeler....
The first thing you think of in the morning: A Cigarette
Favorite thing to do when you're home alone: Play Guitar, surf the net, read a good book
Things that make you feel good: Sunrises, Coffee on a Saturday morning, watching Scotland crush England at Rugby, Making Martinis, or other mixed drinks for friends
Things you don't like: People trying to tell me what to do and how to think, fat women in lycra, fleas, warm beer, airports, never having enough time, intolerant people, gardening, people who whine, piss, and moan to get their way, Fat Democrats..
Worst feeling in the world: Watching someone die and knowing you can't help them.
Scariest feeling in the world: Being in love.
Best feeling in the world: Being loved back.
Do you get motion sickness: Only once...in the Bering Sea, but the weather was horrible..
Roller Coasters - Deadly or Exciting: Deadly
Thunderstorms - Cool or Scary: Very Cool
Pen or Pencil: Pen
Do you like to drive: I like to drive, but I drive slow....
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No. But my wife has an entire spare bedroom stacked with stuffed toy penguins.
Did you have imaginary friends or a blanket as a child: Hell no, I had a little brother to beat on/and/or/be my buddy..sorry Josh....
What is on the walls of your room: Some photos, a few military unit photographs and awards, a signed photo of Robert Duvall as Augustus McCrae from Lonesome Dove.....
What words or phrases do you overuse: DANG, DAMMIT, WOW
Coolest things anyone ever gave you: hmmmm, I'll have to think about that one...
How would you characterize your political leanings: Right Wing Republican for the most part, but it really depends on the issue being debated.
If you could pick one super-human power, what would you choose: Invisibility

Favorite Quotes/Lyrics/Poems:

"Don't let us get sick
Don't let us get old
Don't let us get stupid, alright?
Just make us be brave
and make us play nice
and let us be together tonight"

Don't Let us Get Sick - Warren Zevon

"If I ever live to be an old Man, I'm gonna sail down to Martinique
I'm gonna buy me a sweat-stained Bogart Shirt, and an African Parakeet
And I'll sit him on my shoulder...and open up my trusty old mind...
I'm gonna teach him how to fuss..teach him how to cuss..
and pull the cork out of a bottle of wine..."

Jimmy Buffett

"Oz never gave nothin' to the Tin Man..that he didn't, didn't already have"

by Eric on January 18, 2004 | Comments(3) | SWG Stories

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Of course - POOL counts!!!

posted by: Sam on January 18, 2004 03:37 PM

OMG, I'm stealing this like right now!

posted by: Ashia` on January 18, 2004 07:25 PM

The Lycra thing! Driving a block away from my house, I saw a woman working in her front yard. I could see she had on some pink tights. As I got closer I realized you could see right through the tights, and see her butt crack. Her ass was huge, like one of those really big pumpkins at Holloween, all lumpy and by God she was bending over and picking weeds!
I drove back later with my daughter, and almost crashed the car, we both laughed SOOO HARD!

posted by: wes jackson on April 28, 2004 02:34 AM