Achilles Tendon

Folks....if you want to seriously fuck yourself up without actually KILLING yourself....cut your Achilles WILL be messed up for the REST of your life....during hand-to-hand combat training, most of the old USMC moves resulted in either a broken arm....or a severed Achilles Tendon....or both....and, friends....taking out the enemy's tendon will render him pretty dang useless....not as useless as if you'd blown his brains out....but, pretty useless as a foot-soldier for the rest of their life....anyway...sorry to keep rambling....but, I just read THIS....and thought I would share....

The clip on A Crow Left of the Murder, to be released on February 3, shows Brandon Boyd wandering through his yard picking up dog poo.

He then slips on a pile he missed and suffers a nasty fall that severs his foot at the ankle, causing a fountain of blood to spurt in the air.

The short film dramatises how Boyd actually severed 90% of his Achilles tendon two months ago. He was in his front yard repotting a tree, and when he lifted the tree he stepped backward onto a large shard of the original broken pot, which severed 90%of his Achilles tendon.

"It not only cut [the tendon], it lifted all of the flesh off the back of my leg," he recently told Los Angeles' KROQ-FM. "A hand-sized piece was shredded."

..I am not familiar with Incubus' music.....but, their choice in bodily injury is wanna hurt?....yep...THAT'S the way to do it....

by Eric on January 22, 2004 | Comments(2) | Psycho Rants

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OW! OW! and OW!

By the way Incubus has some pretty good music.

posted by: Amber on January 22, 2004 11:06 PM

Amber: Thanks, I'll have to check out some of their music...

posted by: Eric on January 23, 2004 06:46 AM