Loch Tay Boat Song...

...I am learning a new song.. THIS IS IT.... a great friend of mine in Scotland is heard playing and singing in the recording... if he knew I'd posted this, he'd have a stroke.. he was a bit too close to the microphone, and the vocals are kinda garbled...but, for all you hardcore people, I'll be posting the lyrics at the bottom for your enjoyment...also, I'd just like to dedicate this song to all the gorgeous Red Headed Wimmin out there...you ladies are gems… all of ya...

...anyway, he and I always played guitar together every Saturday.. he has a totally different finger-picking style than I do, and we sounded pretty good together.. of course, he was a much better singer than I... still, I could play a bit better than he...but, for some reason, trying to sing this song is kicking my butt... he sings it with such feeling... such sadness... such love…

...this song...in my mind...is the BEST example of unrequited love that I have ever seen...basically, the singer is a ferryman rowing his boat across Loch Tay.. everyday, he ferries a girl with beautiful red hair...the love of his life.. known in the Gaelic as "nighean ruadh", or "Red Haired Girl"... he is deeply in love with this girl... but, she does not want him... it is a tragic, Scottish tale.. and, I love it.. I truly do...

...having spent time in Tayside, I know well the mountain called Ben Lawers ... as I do Killin (pronounced Kill-een) and Aberfeldy... two towns on either side of Loch Tay.. dammit, I WILL learn this song... or kill myself trying... it is too wonderful NOT to learn..

The Loch Tay Boat Song...traditional...

When I've done my work of day
And I row my boat away
Down the waters of Loch Tay
As the evening light is fading
And I look upon Ben Lawers
Where the after-glory glows
And I think on two bright eyes
And the melting mouth below
She's my beauteous Nighean Ruadh
My joy, my sorrow too
And although she is untrue
I cannot live without her
For my heart's a boat in tow
And I'd give the world to know
Why she means to let me go
As I sing ha-ri ha-ro

Nighean Ruadh, your lovely hair
Has more glamour I declare
Than all the tresses rare
'Tween Killin and Aberfeldy
Be they lint, white, brown, or gold
Be they blacker than the sloe
They are no more worth to me
Than the melting flake of snow
Her eyes are like the gleam
Of the sunlight on the stream
And the songs the fairies sing
Sound like songs she sings at milking
But my heart is full of woe
For last night she bade me go
And the tears begin to flow
As I sing ha-ri ha-ro

by Eric on February 03, 2004 | Comments(2) | SWG Stories
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Every now and then, a guy needs reminding of who he is...where he comes from...helps figure out where the hell he's goin...
Thanks Eric.. it's been wayyyyyyy too long since I last heard this... way too long...
Slange Vaar dude...

posted by: Midnight on February 4, 2004 04:11 PM

thanks, Midnight..."To Your Health", too.. glad you enjoyed it.. I've walked in the Ferryman's shoes a few times myself..

posted by: Eric on February 4, 2004 05:22 PM