Cheap Bastard...

...I swear... you can't make this crap up... and the guy is a former MAIL CLERK...

"A man who tried to cut his travel costs by shipping himself across the US in a cargo crate has been given one year's probation.

Charles McKinley, 25, shipped himself from Newark, New Jersey, to Dallas Fort Worth Airport in Texas last September.

He initially claimed he had been able to free himself from his 42-by-36-by-15-inch crate during the 1,500-mile flight and wander around the cargo area but later admitted he lied.

Judge Charles Bleil told him: "I don't like what you did. It was wrong and very stupid. But I'm glad you are standing here this morning, rather than have met a fate much worse by the stupidity of your actions."

The former New York shipping clerk, who could have received up to a year in jail and a $100,000 fine did not speak to reporters after he was sentenced."

by Eric on February 06, 2004 | Comments(0) | Psycho Rants
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DramaQueen links with: split personality

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