Another Small Business...

...bites the dust... where would America be without her "Mom and Pop" businesses.. man, evil technology is a real asskicker.... dammit...

Ah, yes, another small business bites the dust. Tom and Suzi Wahl were just trying to run a mom and pop porn store out of their Lake Saint Louis home and along came the Internet, offering quicker, cheaper and better hits of video sex.

I mean, what's next? If your friendly, neighborhood porn dealer can't make a buck in this world, are any of us safe from the Internet? The next thing you know, the Internet will be providing online newspapers offering up-to-the-minute news quicker than you can get from radio and television.

Oh, I forgot, we already do that. You can read this column from the comfort of your computer by going to, then clicking on news and scrolling down to columnists and Talk of Charleytown. Or you can click on news, and then go to news subsections and click on St. Charles and, presto, Charleytown will appear.

...and then....

To say Wahl ran afoul of the authorities in this county would be a tad of an understatement. One day he was dressed up as Patrick Henry and protested a group of protesters who were parading in front of Bargain Books, south of St. Charles. A group called Citizens Against Pornography was protesting the practice of offering sexually explicit videos and magazines at Bargain Books.
Wahl showed up to protest the protest.

What he did that day almost landed him in big trouble.

"I talked openly and specifically about the joys of oral sex," he said then, in June 1998. "I was not disturbing the peace. I wasn't using a bullhorn. I was speaking, and I was arrested on the basis of my speech."

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