My Brother, Joshua... little Bro... Joshua... he's the man... my given name is David.... Eric is my middle name... I guess my parents wanted to give us good Christian sounding names, so, their two sons were David and Joshua.... heh... my Dad, on the other hand, being a noble warrior in some previous life, decided that we needed strong and formidable names... Viking names.... to see us through life... so, I was Eric... and my little Bro was Leif.... David Eric, and Joshua Leif.... sometimes, I guess parents are a bit crazy.... anyway.... that's my Bro... Joshua....

... I was just sitting here thinking about him... I suppose C.W. McCalls was right... memories ARE like starlight.. they go on forever... anyway, I remember this about him.... he went off the "high dive" at the local swimming hole when I was too much of a coward to jump... and, hell, I'm four years older than he.... *although, in my defense, I did go off a couple years ago with my hands tied behind me, and my feet tied together... training I'd gotten from the Corps... impressed the little bugger, THAT did*...

..I remember a thousand things about him that I love.... and loved...

..once, he told me that I was his hero.. that I'd been a Marine... been round the world... done well for myself.... but, in my mind, he will always be one of my heroes.... I was taught by a Drill Instructor and a swift kick in the ass to have self-confidence.... self reliance..... Joshua had it handed to him naturally.... he was fearless from day one....

..tomorrow morning, he gets gutted like a fish.... on the right side... to remove a cancer from behind his lung.... near his heart... as soon as he heals, he'll be gutted on the OTHER side to get the cancer.... heh... all this, and a few doses of Chemo thrown in between.... yep... it should rock his world pretty good..... is he worried?... of course he is... what did he tell me tonight?...

.."look at it this way.... at least I'll have matching scars on both sides..."

...he's indeed cut from a fine cloth... I hope, someday, to have such courage...

by Eric on February 16, 2004 | Comments(10) | SWG Stories
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My heart goes out to you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

posted by: drc on February 16, 2004 06:51 PM

There is perhaps a reason your brother was given the self-confidence that you had to earn. I suspect you have the same courage and have shown it, but you don't recognize it in yourself because you're looking from the inside instead of the outside.

My best to you both.

posted by: Jack on February 16, 2004 07:34 PM

If there's anything that can be done to help out in a rough time, I trust you'll let us all know.

posted by: smijer on February 16, 2004 07:44 PM

sounds lack yer bruthers goin thru a tuff patch! he'll be in our prayers.

posted by: buddy don on February 16, 2004 07:45 PM

Prayers and best positive vibes coming from here too. Plus, what smijer said.

posted by: Indigo on February 16, 2004 11:11 PM

I will keep your brother and you in my thoughts and prayers. All the best to him and nake sure the nurses take good care of him!

posted by: suzi on February 16, 2004 11:44 PM

I'm pulling for him and for you, buddy.

posted by: Parkway Rest Stop on February 17, 2004 04:23 AM

We'll be thinking of him and you.

Keep us in the loop.

posted by: Blackfive on February 17, 2004 05:19 PM

What they all said! We'll all be pulling for him. He sounds like a terrific guy. Prayers and healing thoughts going his way.

posted by: Teresa on February 17, 2004 10:58 PM

...thanks everyone... he came out of the surgery fine, and is still in Intensive Care.. they said that most of it was removed, but they'll still have to go in the other side once he's recovered from this operation.. once again, thanks for your support...

posted by: Eric on February 19, 2004 10:41 AM