Conan the Barbarian...

...what can I say?.... other than, of course.... BHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. ahhh Conan...

"Everything would have been fine if it hadn't been for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, one of O'Brien's recurring gags. Triumph spreads bad cheer and ill-will wherever he goes, but when O'Brien let the hand puppet loose in Quebec City on Thursday night, his antics caused the normally serene Canadians to pop a few blood vessels.

"So you're French and Canadian, yes?" the puppet said in one of the offending segments. "So you're obnoxious AND dull." If anybody missed the subtle humor, it was followed with these gems: "You're in North America. ... Learn the language!" and "I can tell you're French. You have that proud expression, that superior look, and I can smell your crotch from here."

The (English-speaking) audience in the Toronto theater loved the routines, but French Canadians were not the only ones who weren't amused."

by Eric on February 18, 2004 | Comments(0) | Psycho Rants

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