Stress Relief...

... yesterday, a good friend of mine came over, and we shot pool all afternoon.... in our normal race to seven in 8 ball, he won 7 to 6... heh... but, I kicked it in our 9 ball race to seven, and won 7 to 5.. it was good to have someone over to talk to about the goings on lately...

...around 5, my Mother came over to visit with the Wife and I.... I grilled some sirloins, and the women baked some potatoes.. simple, but effective... and, instant pleasure.... after dinner, we talked for a while, and when the conversation dulled, my Mother asked me to play guitar for her... I couldn't believe it... she'd never asked me to play for her before.... so, I poured myself a large Scotch and Water, and played her a few tunes.... she even sang along on a few... even the Wife joined in... it was really wonderful... but, I have to say for the record.. if you have never heard "Rocky Top" sung in a Scottish accent, you are missing out... what was it like?... well, there are some things in life that are better left to the imagination... and that is most assuredly one of them...

...but, a good time was had by all... at one point, someone mentioned that Dr. Seuss had just passed on... so, I remarked that we should probably hold some kind of memorial for him... I recommended that I read a few select lines from "The Cat in the Hat"... and, to my shock... my horror... my Mother informed me that she'd like to hear it... because she'd never read a Seuss book before... suddenly, it hit me... all of the strange things in my adult life.. my warped sense of humor... my fetish for librarians.... my love of firearms and Military History.... they are the direct result of having a Seuss-less childhood...

..I went to the bookshelf, and took down my cherished copy of "The Cat in the Hat".... I came back to the couch... and read the little book... in it's entirety... to the two eager listeners.... it only took about 5 minutes to read it cover to cover... and, I think we are all the better for sharing a little after dinner Seuss... so, to all you budding parents out there... consider yourselves warned.... read Dr. Seuss to your kids.... or, they are liable to turn out like me.... and, LAWD HEP US, if that happens...

by Eric on March 07, 2004 | Comments(2) | SWG Stories

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** snicker **

Sorry to blow the theory, but both The Husband and I had the Seussian childhoods, as is The Small Child (books AND the cd-roms), and we are equally warped.

It sounds like you had a lovely evening, though.

OH! The 100th anniversary of Dr. Seuss' birth was March 3 -- there is a new commemorative postage stamp out. He died a few years ago -- mid '90s? His widow admits that he would, if he could see all the Seuss merchandise today, say that he died just in time. Let me know if you want the links to the Memorial Park, etc. -- I think I had them posted last month.

posted by: Anne on March 8, 2004 02:57 AM

Corn don't grow up high on Rocky Top,
It's too rocky, my man.
That's why folks who live on Rocky Top
Get their corn from a can.

posted by: triticale on March 9, 2004 05:33 PM