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Readers of New York magazine were asked to invent country-song titles. Here are some entries:

Ain't No Trash In My Trailer Since The Night I Threw You Out

You Wanted To Get Hitched, But My Heart Is Filled With Whoa

Baked My Sweetie A Pie, But He Left With A Tart

I Lost My Honey Bunny On A Bad Hare Day

She Chews Tobacco, But She Didn't Choose Me

The Peach I Picked In Georgia Didn't Cling To Me For Long

Don't Want That Floozy In My Jacuzzi

I Found The Recipe For Heartbreak In A Cookbook On Your Shelf

Now That We're Miserable, I Hope You're Happy

by Eric on March 19, 2004 | Comments(2) | Jokes

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I got one! I got one!

You'll Know I'm Leaving When You See Me Getting Smaller.

posted by: bitterman on March 19, 2004 11:35 AM

..classic, Bitterman...

posted by: Eric on March 19, 2004 12:07 PM