About Damn Time..

.... I think this is a good idea... and long overdue...

"San Diego Union-Tribune ( MAR. 22)
Defying more than two centuries of history and tradition, a move is gaining momentum to change the title of the secretary of the Navy to recognize his role as manager of two distinct armed services. A bill to change the title to "secretary of the Navy and the Marine Corps" received ringing endorsements at a House Armed Services Committee hearing yesterday. Both witnesses and committee members said the change would be a symbolic but important shift reflecting the reality that the Marines are much more than the "sea soldiers" they were in the 18th century. "The whole issue is that the Marine Corps has been designated by past congresses as the fourth armed service," said the bill's author, Rep. Walter Jones, R N.C. "It is not part of the Navy."

by Eric on March 22, 2004 | Comments(1) | Military Stuff

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Being in a good mood I'll cut you some slack but you certainly left yourself wide open for things like naval infantry, etc.


posted by: rick on March 23, 2004 06:43 PM