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...hmmm... things to do in London when you're Dead.... always wanted to be on the stage?... but, had no talent?... well, never fear! ... now is your chance to be on the London stage! ...requirements? talents?... nahh... just show up dead, and you're a shoe-in...

"LONDON (Reuters) - Two performance artists are searching for a corpse for their newest production -- and have put the word out at hospices in hope of a volunteer.

The group, called 1157performancegroup, said it was trying to demystify the issues surrounding death with its new London production, "Dead...You Will Be"

by Eric on March 30, 2004 | Comments(2) | Psycho Rants

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WOW. That's some funny shit. I actually agree with what they're trying to do here (demystifying death) but I don't know that the THEATRE is the proper forum in which to do this. Besides, for someone way up in the nosebleed seats, how are they going to know that it's an ACTUAL dead body way up on that stage? Seems to me unless they invite the entire audience to come up for a little touchy-feely, no one would really know the difference.

This one line really struck me, however...

"So they have widened their appeal to healthy people who would be willing to "share themselves" should tragedy befall them in the coming weeks."

Seems to me it would take an awfully pessismistic attitude for anyone to actually agree to this.

posted by: Nee on March 30, 2004 11:10 AM

Del Close, a veteran Chicago actor best known for his work with Second City, willed his skull to the Goodman Theater, and now appears in the role of Yorick.

posted by: triticale on April 2, 2004 07:20 PM