...I'm sorry, people... but, I've just gotta get this off my chest... Giant Pandas deserve to die... I'm sorry, but it is the truth.. I don't want to come across as cold hearted... I mean... yeah, sure.. .they are sweet looking... kinda cute... but, there is more to life than sitting around in a zoo looking cute... here are two things that I have found out about Giant Pandas lately...

..according to Tennessee Ruck, Giant Pandas are so damn lazy that they won't even get up to take a crap... that's just wrong...

..secondly, I just found this article... and people, any animal... ANY animal that has no interest in making whoopee... well... it's just a waste of friggin' space...

..so, in summation, any animal that (a.) rolls arond in thier own shit because of an attitude problem, and (b.) can't even be bothered to get off with a hot'n'sexy female Giant Panda... well, they don't deserve our tears, gentle readers...

by Eric on April 07, 2004 | Comments(8) | Psycho Rants

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hehe. Well said.

posted by: M 0.o kie on April 7, 2004 09:25 AM

IMO, if they can't be bothered to get off the dime and propagate their own breed/species then they are *supposed* to become extinct. Why should WE interfere?

I know, I know. So our children can see them locked up in a zoo instead of safely in the pages of a book. Uh huh.

posted by: pam on April 7, 2004 09:47 AM


This sums it up.

posted by: Shao on April 7, 2004 11:38 AM

I have to admit I can sympathize with the Giant Panda's lifestyle choice. Add sucking down copious amounts of beer to the list and it's a day in the life of the bitterman pretty much.

posted by: bitterman on April 7, 2004 03:12 PM

finally, someone who uses "...." as much as I do!

I heart you.

posted by: Laura on April 7, 2004 03:27 PM

I hate to say this, and I'm not a panda, so how the hell would I know, but... welllll... there's only about 1000 pandas left in the world... maybe all the females are just plain butt ugly?

posted by: Harvey on April 7, 2004 06:40 PM

..sheesh, Harvey... ain't you been to a zoo, you bastard?... ALL Pandas are cute and cuddly.. those male Giant Pandas have no excuse.. except.. well, maybe the "GIANT" thing is psyching them out a bit...

posted by: Eric on April 7, 2004 06:53 PM

Harvey was looking in the miiror when he made that "discovery".

posted by: Madfish Willie on April 8, 2004 11:05 PM