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... Thursday night... after the long drive to Nashville... we didn't venture too far from the Hotel.... fearful of getting too far from our beds, we chose instead to dunk ourselves in the local libations of the cozy Mariott bar... it was quite pleasant... friendly... quiet.... and, we talked till nearly Midnight....

...when Friday morning dawned, the Wife set off to do her business... this, of course, left me alone to do an early morning recon for the upcoming night's festivities... so, I walked around scoping things out.... after checking out Nashville's librarians, I wandered down to 2nd Avenue.... then, up Broadway towards the Ryman Auditorium... and, I came up with a plan... since I had spent 3 hours walking around downtown, I went back to the room to draw a strategic drinking map of the area...

...we began the afternoon by visiting Tootsie's Orchid Bar.... Carley was our bartender, by the way.. and, yes... she IS the "sweetest woman in Nashville"..... anyway, most of the patrons, as it turned out, were former Jarheads... and, I actually had a good chat with a regular named Mike... he'd lost his right arm in Vietnam, but it didn't seem to slow down his beer opening (or drinking) ability one little bit... and, we all had a good time...

...a few drinks later, we arrived at The Stage on Broadway.... there, we found Clay Canfield playing cowboy music... we ended up staying there longer than I had planned... he was awesome.. his ability on the guitar was incredible... I was hooked... so, I went up when he paused his set, and bought a CD... he signed it for me.... people, I just have to tell you... music played live is so different than just hearing it on a CD... and Nashville, my friends, is indeed Music City.... if you want to sample some of his stuff, go over here... I highly recommend it...., three sheets to the wind, we find ourselves at the banks of the Cumberland River.. and, dinner is enjoyed at the Big River Brew House.... afterwards, we stagger past three policemen on horseback... up 2nd Avenue... towards Mulligans... and, a few more pubs that we can't exactly remember the names of... in short, good food... good music.. and, probably a wee bit too much good booze... still, in spite of our over-indulgence, a wonderful night was had by all.... so, if you are ever in need of a recon for drinking venues in any given town, I'm your man... and, I'm cheap... hire me...

by Eric on May 01, 2004 | Comments(6) | SWG Stories

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"too much good booze"

It was a nice story up until that line.

It's rude to blaspheme, Eric :-)

posted by: Harvey on May 1, 2004 07:47 PM

What Harvey said!

The next time you go over that way, if you start at the Ryman, and go 1 block up the hill, and 1 and a half blocks toward the river, you'll find "Printer's Alley." Only foot traffic is allowed through there, and it's just one blue's bar after another. Great place to do a crawl. For some reason I can't remember the names of any of the clubs though. Hmmn. Can you get Alzheimer's at 33?

posted by: Johnny - Oh on May 1, 2004 08:03 PM

Definitely sounds like my kinda place. Booze, good music, friendly bartenders, good company. Doesn't get much better'n that.

posted by: Parkway Rest Stop on May 1, 2004 08:54 PM

You're CHEAP??? Your goddam bar tab would break me.

posted by: Acidman on May 2, 2004 08:02 AM

Let's start a company where we scout locations for business people to "socialize" and entertain clients - we give them maps and intel on the route (i.e. the names of the bartenders at each establishment, quality of the "pour", etc.).

posted by: Blackfive on May 2, 2004 08:17 AM

Harvey: I stand corrected.. there is no such thing as "too much good booze"...

Johnny: Actually, our hotel was right there at the entrance to Printer's Alley.. I just didn't venture in.. the Wife saw an advert for a titty bar, and I was banned..

Parkway: was killer, man.. Tootsie's definitely had the friendliest barmaid..

Acidman: ..heh, I'm busted, I guess... and, you've been drinking with me enough to know...

Blackfive: ..what an incredible idea.. I'm available for recon duty all summer... just make the call..

posted by: Eric on May 2, 2004 08:46 AM